***Lawsuit Information by Sandra Mitchell***

18 Jan 2012 11:21 PM | Anonymous

The Winter Wildlands Alliance (WWA) has filed a lawsuit against many Idaho Forests claiming they should not have relied upon the ‘Over snow vehicle’ exemption (OSV)  in the 2005 Forest Service Travel Management Rule.  The US Attorney was served on December 8, 2011.   You may recall that over-snow use was treated differently than summer uses for good reasons;  we have different impacts.


WWA petitioned the Forest Service a couple of years ago challenging the Travel Management Rule, specifically the over-snow vehicle (OSV) exclusion.  The Forest Service denied their request and in doing so, upheld the OSV exclusion.  That did not work so now they are trying the courts.


WWA is a non-profit association that prefers human powered sports.  They work endlessly to do everything they can to force the Forest Service to severely restrict or eliminate our use.


ISSA’s Board of Directors voted to intervene in the suit.  Mike Ealy from Coeur d’Alene will be representing us. Lawsuits are costly, fortunately, ISSA has been putting money away in a Legal Defense Fund for years, however, there are at least two other cases on the horizon that may well require legal action.  If you agree that snowmobilers need to defend themselves against this attack, please help us by contributing to the Snowmobile Defense Fund, ISSA, 10400 Overland Road #384, Boise, ID  83616.  Your donation will be used wisely and will be greatly appreciated.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to let me know.  I will keep you informed as we move through the process.




Sandra Mitchell


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