Avery Groomer Report

                    Use Area 40-B (Shoshone County - Avery)


                                         Premium Non Ethanol Gas, Food & Lodging

                                           Available At Scheffy's In Avery



  Scheffy's Motel Winter Room Rates (December thru March) first night regular price, each consecutive night half price.  For more information or room reservations call Scheffy’s General Store & Motel, Avery, Idaho, (208) 245-4410 or e-mail,  


                                                             2015 Winter Activities


                BBQ Pork Feeds at Rutledge Saddle Warming Hut.   $10.00 all you can eat all day.


                                                    Saturday, January 17th  &

                                                    Saturday, February 14th - Cancelled!


Bring your family and friends.   Ride and play where ever you like and let us do the cooking!  Fund raisers for the Avery Groomer and the trails in the St. Joe area (Use Area 40B).  You love to ride - we need your support.


Registrations and groomer stickers required - both for sale at Scheffy's.


January 30, 2015:  The BBQ Pork Feed on February 14th has been cancelled.   We will keep you updated on our grooming.  Hopefully the moisture expected for this weekend will be snow.   We still have lots of good trail riding.  Come out and explore and enjoy our winter room rates.  Always a good time at the fire pit!


January 27, 2015:  Tried to make a midnight run to catch the cold weather.  The higher up we got the warmer it was - 44 degrees at 3:00 a.m. at 5200 feet!   Cleaned up Kelley Creek and Fishhook but snow is getting thin on the trailheads and very heavy up above.  We will have to hold off grooming until the weather cools down and it snows.  Winter is definitely not over - we just have to work on our snow dances.   Think Winter!


January 22, 2015:  61 miles groomed.  Fishhook (301) to Breezy Saddle, 216 & 217 through Roundtop, 201 to Bluff Saddle, Kelley Creek.  26 degrees, excellent grooming snow.  Snowing lightly in Avery this morning (Friday, January 23rd).  76 inches at Lost Lake!


January 17, 2015:  Good turn out for the BBQ Pork Feed.  62 Dinners.  Special thanks to Bill Bennett and Wade Bilbrey for cleaning up the trails during the ride so we all had an awesome ride out.  Staring snowing about 1:00.  Nothing nicer then riding out on a freshly groomed trail with a skiff of new snow!


January 16, 2015:  New snow in Avery this morning.   Should be excellent riding for the Pork Feed tomorrow, January 17th!   Get your family and friends together and come out for a great time.   We would love to be your cooks for the day!  See you at Rutledge Saddle Warming Hut.


January 12, 2015:  Ben & Tim just groomed 42 miles.   Great grooming snow.  Fishhook, Kelley Creek, Roundtop and out to Rutledge Saddle.   Everything opened up for the Pork Feed this Saturday, January 17th.   Talking to the riders this weekend sounds like Avery has the best snow conditions around.  (Why would that surprise us!)   68 inches at Lost Lake.   Come out and play.   Great fun for the whole family.  Rooms available. 208-245-4410.


January 5, 2015:  Had a great holiday week with lots of riders.   Fresh snow on several days.   Tried to groom today.   Snowing at 3:00 a.m. and pouring rain by 4:00!   Did a 25 mile loop and cut out 9 trees.  With this heavy snow there will be probably more trees down but it will help make a base.   It will have to cool down before we can groom again.   Snow conditions change quickly so hopefully we will be able to go out before the weekend.   


December 29, 2014:  12 inches of snow in Avery, 58 inches at Lost Lake.  Winter has finally arrived.  First riders made it over the hill into town yesterday.   There is some great trail riding and the beginning of off trail riding.  Be careful it is still early and not everything is covered yet.  Grooming will start after the 1st of the year. 



             Avery was featured in the November 2012 issue of SnoWest!  Front Cover "Destination: Avery,   Idaho".   Great article and photos of the St. Joe riding area in Avery - Use Area 40-B.   Come ride with us and see for yourself.   Lots of trail riding and lots of play areas.  Fun for the whole family.  You won't be sorry! 






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