Avery Groomer Report

                    Use Area 40-B (Shoshone County - Avery)


                                         Premium Non Ethanol Gas, Food & Lodging

                                           Available At Scheffy's In Avery


     Plan an affordable Winter Getaway at Scheffy's Motel in Avery, Idaho.   Large 2 bedroom suites with full kitchens including dishes, tv and free long distance telephone.   We have rooms with 2 doubles in separate bedrooms up to rooms with 2 doubles in separate bedrooms and 2 singles in the living room.   Perfect for a family or two couples.   You can share the cost without sharing your privacy!   Kick back at the days end and relax in Scheffy's Fire Pit.  Families Welcome!

     On November 14th we will be attending the Spokane Winter Knights Snow Show at the Spokane Arena. Bay 3, Booth 4.   We will be selling Idaho Resident and Non Resident Registrations, Shoshone County Groomer Stickers, and Montana Non Resident Permits.   Cash or check only, sorry no Credit Cards.   To support the Avery Groomer and the trails in the St. Joe Area please designate "USE AREA 40B" on your Idaho registration and groomer sticker.   We need your continued support.   Donations are always needed and greatly appreciated.   Thank you for your support! 

October 31st 2015:   Moved the warming hut and toilet up to Rutledge Saddle.  Special thanks to Milt Turley and Tim Slaughter for their help.   Also thanks to the Roman kid's for splitting and stacking the wood.  If you see them remember to thank them.  Without their help we wouldn't have this warming hut for everyone to enjoy.

November 5th 2015:  FIRST SNOW IN AVERY!  Just a skiff but it is a start! lol. 


             Avery was featured in the November 2012 issue of SnoWest!  Front Cover "Destination: Avery,   Idaho".   Great article and photos of the St. Joe riding area in Avery - Use Area 40-B.   Come ride with us and see for yourself.   Lots of trail riding and lots of play areas.  Fun for the whole family.  You won't be sorry! 






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