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The Grangeville Sno-Drifters groom over 100 miles of trail in the Fish Creek to Florence area.


The club distributes a free trail map that can be picked up at local businesses.  Sno-Drifters Trail Map,2013.pdf


Please check back for updates.   Trails are not groomed on a set schedule. 


Schedules of grooming are determined by weather conditions, trail conditions, and logging operations.






Feb 17, 2016

NO GROOMING THIS WEEK --- The warm weather and rain has settled the snow in most locations on our trail system.  However; the trails that have been groomed still have plenty of snow.  The parking lot at Fish Creek is almost bare.

Road 221 is plowed all of the way to the parking lot @ Adams/Gospel.  As of Wednesday  A.M., the road was bare and dry most of the way.  There are narrow sections.  The log hauling is shut down so no heavy truck traffic.    


Feb 10, 2016

The trails are in excellent condition after last weeks grooming.  This week, with the warm weather and beautiful sunshine, we will not be grooming.

Snow conditions are outstanding in the local areas.   With the long weekend ahead---get out and ride area 25A at Grangeville.   




Logging operations will affect the grooming this year.


2/4/16  Rd. 4600 to High Camp--- Service/State loop  Rd 2000

2/5/16  Milner Trail to Skyline --(Rd 243) Free Use to Forest Bdy.  (Rd 642) Twin Cabins

CAUTION!  The Grangeville Salmon Rd. is still being plowed to near Marker 26.  The road is narrow with very few turn outs. The log truck traffic will probably increase next week. 




Week of Dec 29-31,  plans are to groom around Florence, 394, 444, 309 roads & Adams Camp for Burger feed on Friday, then back to Fish Creek


12/22/15 -  groomed the Milner to Skyline---Down to 4-corners out Free Use to Forest Boundary --- back out Twin Cabins, --- White Bird Station to Fish Creek.  

12/23/15 groomed the 4600rd to High Camp ---out the State Loop and back 2000rd.  Everything groomed up great with awesome powder.


 12-18-15  groomed from Fish Creek  trail head up 4600 road to High-Camp.  Over 2 1/2 feet at the towers.  Groomed the Service/ High Camp loop road and back road 2000 to Fish Creek.  The snow is excellent and should be great riding this weekend.     








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