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The Grangeville Sno-Drifters groom over 100 miles of trail in the Fish Creek to Florence area.


The club distributes a free trail map that can be picked up at local businesses.  Sno-Drifters Trail Map,2013.pdf


Please check back for updates.   Trails are not groomed on a set schedule. 


Schedules of grooming are determined by weather conditions, trail conditions, and logging operations.




Logging operations will affect the grooming this year.

12/22/15 -  groomed the Milner to Skyline---Down to 4-corners out Free Use to Forest Boundary --- back out Twin Cabins, --- White Bird Station to Fish Creek.  

12/23/15 groomed the 4600rd to High Camp ---out the State Loop and back 2000rd.  Everything groomed up great with awesome powder.

Week of Dec 29-31,  plans are to groom around Florence, 394, 444, 309 roads & Adams Camp for Burger feed on Friday, then back to Fish Creek






12-18-15  groomed from Fish Creek  trail head up 4600 road to High-Camp.  Over 2 1/2 feet at the towers.  Groomed the Service/ High Camp loop road and back road 2000 to Fish Creek.  The snow is excellent and should be great riding this weekend.     






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