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The Grangeville Sno-Drifters groom over 100 miles of trail in the Fish Creek to Florence area.


The club distributes a free trail map that can be picked up at local businesses.  Sno-Drifters Trail Map,2013.pdf


Please check back for updates.   Trails are not groomed on a set schedule. 


Schedules of grooming are determined by weather conditions, trail conditions, and logging operations.





On Wednesday we groomed the High Camp/State Loop.  The snow was very crusted, but it groomed up good. 
The workers on the cell tower said that they would be finished by Wed. night.
The logging contractor said he wants to work until he gets the sale completed. He has been hauling on weekends but said he will not haul this weekend to respect the increased activity from our fun run.

On Friday the plan is to groom the route we will use for the fun run. 


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Trail grooming this week depends on the amount of snow we get the next few days.
The plan is to groom road 221 to 4 corners, Free Use road and Twin Cabins, possibly Saturday night.  We hope to groom the new route we have laid on the Service Flats side by Sunday.  It is a 3 day weekend for some folks.

On Wednesday we scouted the trails on The High Camp/Service Flats loop system.   The Snow was AWESOME!!!   The base was hard as concrete with a skiff of new on top.  There is an abundance of off trail riding in this area that makes you go crazy.  On top of the main ridge is a little short of snow, but most of the area has over two feet. 

On Friday Jan 9 the groomer is heading for Florence.
Saturday night we will leave Florence and head back road 221, that way it will be groomed again for Sundays traffic.
We have made one groomer trip out the 2000 road to to the State Loop (service flats/chapman creek) an up to High Camp.
Road 4600 is being plowed up about 2 miles from Fish Creek.  Loggers will be hauling logs until the end of January or first of February.   

Great snow conditions!!!
Trails groomed on
Road 221-- Grangeville Salmon Road to Gospel Junction
Road 444 -- Gospel Road to Windy Camp
Road 309--- Hungry Ridge Road to Mile marker 10

Friday 12/31 14 we will groom the Milner Trail to Skyline, also Twin Cabins/Free Use roads











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