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Snowmobilers have fought long and hard to keep the South half of Mount Jefferson open to snowmobiling but the fight isn’t over.

When the Forest Service attempted to eliminate our use during the administrative process— we fought back and we won.  When Congress tried to pass a Wilderness Bill that included Mount Jefferson, we fought back and thanks to Senator Risch, we won.  When the environmental industry filed a legal challenge, which put us back in the Administrative Process, we fought back and we won.

We now face yet another challenge and again our determination and commitment will be tested.

Included in the Forest Plan was wording that allows snowmobiling in the south half of Mount Jefferson to continue if there are no incursions into the north half that is non-motorized.  We tried education but it didn’t stop the jerks who ignored us and proceeded to ride into the closed section.  Three years ago, working with the Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest, Fremont County, the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation, the Idaho State Snowmobile Association, and the Montana Snowmobile Association, we hired enforcement officers and it worked!

The problem is we have run out of money to fund our enforcement officers.  The county, IDPR, and the Forest Service simply cannot continue to contribute.   If we want to continue to ride in this nationally renowned world-class high mountain snowmobiling area, it is up to the Snowmobile Community to raise the funds needed!

Any amount will help and every dollar will be used on the ground to pay law enforcement personnel.  Please contribute today!



Mt Jefferson

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Idaho's Billion Dollar Motorized Recreation Industry

Idaho’s motorized recreation industry is BIG business, contributing nearly $1 Billion combined in equipment, fuel, food, lodging, and more. There is an additional $543 million value added through employment. Because of these activities you add an estimated $543 million in value added increases.

Idaho’s Billion Dollar Motorized Recreation Industry

Local taxes, benefits, and labor income see a contribution of well over $250 million. The outdoor recreation industry is among the nation’s largest economic sectors from the smallest rural town to the largest city. This economic powerhouse creates billions in spending and millions of good paying jobs.

When we invest in the foundation of recreation economy, our public lands, waters, and mountains produce a compounding return in the form of healthier communities, healthier economies and healthier people. Motorized outdoor recreation is a powerful force!

Our public lands and waters represent the best of America. With recreation now part of the US GDP ($646 billion total spending, 6.1 million jobs and $80 billion in tax revenue*), it is more important than ever.

The outdoor recreation economy depends on access to public lands, which contribute to the growth of our economy and ensure we have beautiful places to recreate.

*Source: Outdoor industry Association, Nov 2016

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By Sandra Mitchell

November 2013 

The Idaho State Snowmobile State Convention was the weekend of November 3 & 4 in Twin Falls. Great turnout, with lots of good discussions and enthusiasm about the upcoming year.  Scott Chapman was elected President, Justin Abramowski Vice President--ISSA is in good hands!

It’s official, there is a group intent of closing Mnt. Jefferson to snowmobiling because of our impact on critters.  Not surprising because that is current ‘go to reason’.  It may not be easy, but I assure you, ISSA is committed to keeping that amazing area open.  With your help, we will be successful.

The Couch Summit to Fleck Summit Corridor in the Fairfield is not open, but I believe we are getting closer to seeing a proposal.  It will have to go through NEPA. You will be notified when that happens and we will need all of you to comment.

I looked back in my records and we have been working on this issue since 2010!  As you recall, we won the court battle and even got a large Equal Access to Justice settlement and now we are waiting for the District to act.  By the way, this is our third District Ranger and second Supervisor!

We have had the support of the Idaho Delegation and the Governor who have been ‘encouraging’ the Forest to act.  I believe we will see that corridor opened for snowmobiling .

Thanks for not giving up!

Forest Planning is starting in the Targhee and I am optimistic about the outcome if snowmobilers are involved.  Granted, it is time consuming, going to meetings, reading documents, and submitting comments, but it is essential.  Remember, motorized use has lost access in every Forest Plan since 1978.  We must stop that trend and we can. This plan impacts the largest snowmobiling program in Idaho which is in Fremont County. The Targhee Collaborative will meet in December and discuss the process.  It looks like we have several snowmobilers from the area involved.  If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Forest Planning will also be starting in Salmon-Challis.  As soon as I have more information about that process, I will let you know.

The Nez Perce – Clearwater National Forest will be releasing their draft Forest Plan soon, which means any time in the next year!  They are amending the l987 plan!  It is long over-due.  The Supervisor is in DC as I write, briefing the Chief on the plan.

Looks like the Payette will start in 2026, however, it could get moved up and back. 

There are so many issues in the State!  If there is one in your area and you need some assistance, let me know.  We have wildlife and NEPA consultants who do great work and I can attend any meetings or participate in any way you need me to. 

Thank you for all you do and for all you will do in the future!