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Southeast Idaho Snowmobile Trail Maps

Idaho law prohibits the use of snowmobiles on public and National Forest roads which are plowed and maintained for use by four-wheeled vehicles. Our maps show many of our main ungroomed trails but most unplowed roads can be used by snowmobiles. All coordinates on our maps use NAD83 for use with your GPS unit. More Information

Snowmobile Safety and Access Information Center is the world’s most comprehensive online source for snowmobile safety and access information – truly a one-stop resource for snowmobile clubs and organizations, snowmobiling management agencies, and private and public land managers. The Information Center provides comprehensive information about snowmobile safety training providers and training opportunities, along with safety training materials and resources. More Information

International Association of Snowmobile Administrators

Looking for some additional information? You might want to try here:
They have tons of resources including the avalanche education repository, groomer operators guide, snowmobile rental guide, snowmobile safety pocket guide, and more!


Snowmobile Do’s and Don’ts | Be Aware!!


Where to Wear Your Avalanche Transceiver

While some outerwear companies are meeting and setting safety standards for carrying a beacon, a harness is still the best method for carrying an avalanche transceiver. Here’s why: Read More…


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Wilderness First Aid Basics ACLS Training Center

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Idaho Cameras

Idaho Road Conditions

Looking for Ethanol-free gas?  Here is a resource for you